My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful COOL Weather Puts Me In The Mood...

...... For more Crochet... I have afghans & blankets on the brain right now. Cool weather... You feel like making everyone warm & comfy... :-) They may not need them this minute, but wait til we have snow on the ground. Like this...

Our Snowy Front Porch Last Year... I need to look at these pictures to dream about the weather to come... :-)
And since it's so cool... all windows are opened and the breeze is blowing in clearing the air ! And it just made me clean & clean... And I'll probably clean again tomorrow. Today I washed window screens, windows, even some interior walls... I have no idea what got into me. Do you think I need help?
I'm back... I fixed Chili served over Angel Hair & topped with cheese.
I've been working on my Jacobs ladder afghan tonight. It's taking awhile to make that. The pattern calls for 116 rows.
Right now I'm watching the second game of the Reds double header ... we won the first game earlier today. And so far in this one , Reds are winning 3 to 0...:-)
A couple hours later... we won the game !!! Now its bedtime...
~ Susan


  1. Wow! You were VERY productive yesterday, Susan. For me that dream about snow would be a NIGHTMARE. I love it in the mountains but hate it on my driveway and sidewalks.

  2. Hi Bev!

    Like I said ... I have no idea what got into me... And I still have that yearning to clean...LOL A bit less... but still at it.

    You must have a HILLY driveway? I just shovel the driveway when I need to so Paul can get in it after work. Thank Heavens it's not real big... Where as my Mom & Dad's driveway is 1/4 a mile long & CURVY at that.... We plan on getting a snow blade for the front of our truck. Just put it on the truck in the winter when needed.

    Yep! snow is beautiful... When you sit on the porch and just look at it while holding a nice hot cup of hot tea or hot cocoa to warm you. ;-)

    Hey! my new yarn just got here! I can see the lady getting it off the UPS truck...:-)

    be back later Bev!

    Thank you for writing...:-)

    ~ Susan

  3. I would LOVE to have snow like that! It's beautiful. We don't get much, if any, here in Texas. I still can't wait for winter though and those cold temps.

  4. I thought Texas got snow once in a great awhile... Hopefully you'll get the white stuff this winter!!!

    Thanks for writing!!!

    ~ Susan