My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cora Gloves... Plus The Pattern For Them...:-)

Aren't they pretty ? I bought this yarn and love it. It's called Corabell... So pretty & soft . It's another cotton yarn that I like. Anyway, this evening I made another pair of gloves with it.

Here is the pattern I use for the fingerless gloves.

Loosley chain 23 for Med. Hand ( Large hand is CH. 25. )

Join chain with SL ST to form loop.

Chain 1, then.. HDC for total of 10 rounds ( If you want it to longer, this is where you could add more OR make less rows to shorten it. ) " Join each round with a Slip Stitch ".

Always chain 1 at beginning each of round.

THUMB HOLE ... next 3 rows you HDC and TURN. This leaves an opening for your thumb. At end of 3rd row, join with slipstitch. Then HDC 3 more times. Break Yarn and weave in ends.

( The pattern was free on the internet...I changed it a little for what I wanted. )

I got a bit tired of Dark Brown yarn. That's what I'm using to make the Afghan I'm also working on. ( There is a picture of it in progress in a few posts back.)

~ Susan


  1. Lovely, great yarn. The white pair is very nice as well!! Oh and btw...there is a line missing on your prize winning afghan instructions. I posted it in a comment on that thread!

  2. Thanks Bev!!!

    I like them. BUt they are mostly for in the fall & Winter. But the 2 I made that you see here are for now. They just look pretty.
    ~ Susan