My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sissy Gets A Haircut Today...

We're off to Rhonda's Dog Grooming today. I know there is a beautiful LITTLE dog under all of that hair. ( I'm taking my camera for pictures... :-) )

Here is a PRE Grooming picture... Miss Bushy Hair. During The Haircut at Rhondas ... ( Look at all of that hair.!!! )

She looks like she wants to jump off of the grooming table.

Now we're back home and she doesn't want to get out of her Carrier because she KNOWS a bath is next!!!

And now the dreaded Bath in the kitchen sink!!! She looks like a little drowned rat. A cute rat.

She is still drying off even though I have dried her halfway with her blow dryer.

We'll be back when she has been Dried... Brushed... Combed... Pony Tailed & Chanel on her collar.

And here she is now...Nice & Dry & Happy! On the Family Room Sofa with Paul. And her Blue Toy Bone in her mouth wanting to play.

And that was our day. :-)

~ Susan


  1. Poor tormented Sissy LOL! My Toffee hates bath day too! But doesn't she look fabulous when its all over. She's very sweet!
    Sandra Singh

  2. Thanks Sandra!

    I had fun "documenting" what Grooming day entailed for her.


  3. Just so sweet. I know our Bichon looks pathetic, but cute, when she is all wet!! Like the gloves.

  4. Thanks Susan!

    I know what you mean. They look like Drowned Rats when they are wet. But still very cute. :-)

    Glad you like the gloves. Easy & Fast to make. I'll have to get the pattern on here.