My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Used Up...

... yarn that is... ;-) I have used up the white yarn that I'm using for my Dad's afghan. So I ordered more. Now it's waiting that I have to do... And I'm not so good at it. While I wait I can work on my Jacobs Ladder Afghan now that Mary Grace ( aka MGM on ) has shown me how.... You should take a look at her site. If you ever need help with knitting or crocheting... she is the one to go to... She has wonderful videos in her Video Library explaining how to make certain stitches.

I can't believe that after going through my entire Stash, that I didn't have another Bernat White to use on the afghan. UGH.... But I found yarn that I bought intending to use for something and didn't get to it. *blush* I just see yarn in a store or even on line and think... " That is very pretty... I'll make something with it later... And later just doesn't seem to come up. "

Tonight our son is in Corona Del Mar,Ca ( We have relatives there. ) He's on vacation. I hope he brings a souvenir home for me.. :-) He knows I use to live there... So I don't know if will he or not. * But I only lived there for about a year if that much.*

The kids next door are having a pool party. I guess it's a Back To School Pool Party. Or maybe an End Of Summer Party. It just makes me think back... :-)

We have some stormy days coming up... Then COOLER weather... :-) Kind of like Fall... :-)

~ Susan

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