My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Sunday Morning.. umm Afternoon... ;-)

O.K. .. O.K... So I missed a couple of days on the blog. This is what I was doing then...

First I had My Sister's Cancer Free Party we attended on Friday, ( 7-31-2009) The band! Squeeze Box Scott, Lisa, & Randy! They are good!

Then the next day was my nephew's party for his Search & Rescue Co-Workers.
Picture of the bon fire at hs party. And the crowd under some tents. ( above)

Then I was making these also. I found the pattern on one the blogs I follow. (Thank You for the pattern ) I just made a few changes til I decided it was just right for this use. The Bottle Bags are for Good Samaratin ( Good Sam ) Hospital in Cincinnati to give to patients. Cancer patients MUST drink a lot of liquids or else the Chemotherapy can harm their internal organs just like it kills the cancer cells. Only liquids prevent this. So... I decided to make these that they can hang on I.V. poles their bottled drinks will be in, near their bed, on their arms, over the shoulder, hang from your purse etc... etc... As you can see, I'm also making the little Can Cozies from the same pattern. Handy for ANYONE can use. I'm using 100 % cotton yarn, so water / condensation just soaks up in the cotton. * I Don't know why, but I got the same picture here twice. I can't get one off.*

And once in awhile I crochet a few stitches on the Purple Waffle...LOL It can wait a bit longer. It's still hot out, so there is no need for it yet.

~ Susan


  1. The bottle bags look nice. It's good to hear your sister is cancer free. Party looks like it was fun. :)

  2. Tina!

    It was a lot of fun... We all seem to like that band. :-) They have played at our parties before... :-)
    Thanks for the remark on the Bottle Bags. I hope the Hosp. can use them. And my sister is very happy!!!!! :-)