My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Missed Writing....

Good Evening...

I know I missed writing the other day & the day before that. But I got a lot done.

Be sure to check out the button on the right side. It's a Bag Give Away!!!

Our son called called from Dallas & said all is well. He got a free room at The Hilton! ( Hilton Points ) But got stuck with 12 passenger van. ( Who ever heard of a car rental place that didn't have / or ran out of cars. )

I even had a nice lunch date with a friend. Then I went to JoAnn's and saw that they had ALL of their yarns on special. Check it out! ( )

See My little helper in the Laundry Basket... :-)

Later All... My pillow is calling me... ;-)

~ Susan

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