My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today, Messy Stash...

.....later today, Neat.... After I buy some more matching blue & clear storage boxes from JoAnn's...

I have been cleaning our house room by room... Today I came to this room to clean...

.......... It is my messy craft room......... Another shot of it.....

See those clear containers with the blue lids? I like those... You can actually see what is in them... :-) ... They stack well...I plan on making this mess... UNCLUTTERED... Wish me luck... So I'm getting more containers like that. They aren't expensive... just very neat...:-)

Michael won't recognize his bedroom when he comes to visit. I want to line the back of his big closet wall with those containers... I'll get a picture of it when I'm done so you can see it.

... Doesn't EVERYONE have a cupboard like this? I have been making those little Glass Cozies when I'm reading on the computer... I sit here, read & crochet. ... I love getting our newspaper On Line...

No paper mess to contend with. My way of Saving The Trees? Not Really ... It's just cheaper & neater.....;-)
...Looks like I need to make MATCHING GLASS COZIES... Instead of using scrap yarn.

But we love this room, our family room, just the way it is... :-) Maybe a new sofa ... But the rocking chair is my Grandma's chair. I love it.

Hmm... Looks like a few Blue & Clear containers could be used here also. Or I could just hurry up & finish the 3 different projects I have laying there. ;-)

~ Susan


  1. Best of luck organizing your stash! Looks like you've got it well under control.
    Sandra Singh

  2. Hi Sandra!

    It's not looking the way I want it to yet... But it's getting there... I started on it this morning... yarn all over Michael's
    bed. I'm grouping it by brand & what it's made of & where I got it. * I have a shelf of Malabrigo... ;-) *

    I need 4 more large containers... & a few small ones. Then I'll be about done. Then it will be picture & posting time... :-)

    Thank You For Writing...:-)

    ~ Susan

  3. All that fresh air in the house went to your head! ;) I have been in an organizing mood lately, too. The only thing I have done is organize one of the shelves on my bookshelf; and a table with all my stamping stuff on it. I thought afterward I should have taken 'before' and 'after' pictures. :P

  4. Hi Tina!

    Believe it or not, I'm still in the organizing mood..... So much more room in Michael's old bedroom / craft room. I need 3 more containers & I SHOULD be done. I found out that Big Lots has them for 6 bucks cheaper then JoAnn's... and they are the same thing. Same brand etc. ... So I'll be posting the After pictures when I'm all done.

    I found out that book shelves are great for holding your good yarns. I have my Malabrigo & Cashmere yarn on shelves....:-)

    Thanks for writing!!!

    ~ Susan

  5. I just love that you have your grama's rocker in a place of honor in your home!! I have the one my grandparents bought for my mom when she was expecting me, but I live in a shoebox so I have it in the rafters of the garage at the moment. It periodically makes appearances in my small living room but had to be moved so I could put my recumbant stationary bike in there. Well only till I'm skinny.....LMBFAO!! Your organizing is coming along nicely!!!

  6. Thanks Sally..

    And here I THOUGHT I could get it done in just 1 day... It's looking much better... I'll get pictures posted this evening... :-)

    Do what I do... I have a so called Gym in our basement. It's cool down there... so it helps me when using it... ;-)

    It's great that you have the chair your Mom used when expecting you.... :-) See, I love things like that, were as some people want EVERTHING new. Antique lover here... :-) Can't ya tell ?

    ~ Susan

    Thanks for writing... :-)