My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Afternoon!!!

The Family Reunion is over... And it was GREAT! I hope we can do it again next year! And we just had the best weather for it. ( The High was 71, IN JULY! )

Here are some pictures from it. The one above is of Sissy and I.
And below is of a group of us that is my side of the family that lives there. ( Near Cincinnati,Ohio)
I'm on the far left holding Sissy, My husband Paul on the horse, Then my Dad, Then comes my nephew Stephen on a horse, his mom Stacy, Another nephew Clay. Cy. Then brother in law Don & a niece & my sister Sherry.
Now I have more pictures to go through...
Be Back later... ;-)
~ Susan


  1. You and your Sissy look quite happy!! I have little chihuahua named Chico. I like to carry him around with me too...LOL. Looks like the fam reunion was a good time. Love the pic with the horses.....very cool. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. Hi Sally!

    I read that you live in Michigan. We were just there on vacation for about 3 days. Very Pretty. We stayed mainly in Frankenmuth and then on to Mackinac Falls & Upper Peninsula. I wish we could have gone on to see Canada. But good ol HomeLand Security ruined any chance of that since we don't passports YET.

    I bet Chico is adorable. I love little toy dogs. And about the horses... Those are my husabnd's pets. Mine is Sissy. :-)

    Yes, the Fam. Reunion was great. But now I'm resting up from it. I fixed way too much.
    Our refrigerator is over flowing with left overs. Want Any ??? LOL

    I have a recipe link called Share Recipes linked to this one. ( It's on the right side here.) I have a picture of the salad I made. Plus recipe too.

    Thanks for adding my link. I added your also.

    Sissy is in my lap sleeping... I don't want to disturb her, so I'll keep computing.

    ~ Susan

  3. The family reunion looks (and sounds) like it was fun. I like the horses picture. :)

  4. Thanks Tina!

    My husband's pet. LOL He likes horses, I love my doggy!

    Yes, the Fam. Reunion was fun. The only thing I would change is to NOT EAT SO MUCH... LOL My family has a lot of good cooks in it.

    Thanks again for checking my blog... :-)
    ~ Susan