My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Pictures & Crochet

Good Snowy Afternoon!!!

I have some Before & After Pictures for you!

This is our picnic table with part of my Summer Herb Garden in our back yard.

This was taken a couple of days ago.

Now this morning we woke up to this! The same picnic table:

That's one of the ways we measure the snow at a glance. Since we're getting more snow tonight and tomorrow... We'll be measuring it with a yard stick.

How do you like our sign on the corner of our street?

Random Pictures From All Around Here.
And Sissy keeping warm by the fireplace!!!

Here is Star, my husbands horse.

As for my crochet... I have finaly started on the sleeves of the snuggie!!!

~ Susan


  1. Looks like we are having the same kind of day. Can't wait to see this snuggie. Sounds pretty cool.

  2. Hi!

    Our snow is just tapering off for an hour or so. Right now it's coming down FINELY...:-)

    I started the sleeves on it last night.

    ~ Susan

  3. I agree with Sissy, that's where I'd be. I can't wait to see this snuggie, you do such great work. Try to stay warm....and inside!

  4. HI Molly!

    Welcome! Yes... Sissy always picks great places to stay warm. She also loves sitting by a space heat we have in our bedroom...

    It's so cold out. It just started to get windy tonight. So the snow is blowing all over out there.

    I saw you live in th Dakotas... It's cold there also! So keep warm!!! And come back and visit my blog again!

    ~ Susan

  5. We got about a foot the other day in southern OH, then a couple more inches yesterday and maybe an inch more today. I'm ready for it to go away.

    Pretty horse. Long neck like that, hmmm ... Saddlebred?

  6. Good Morning Marie Anne!

    We got a little more snow overnight. If you look at the picture above of our picnic table... you can't see the flower pots on it anymore. Plus is windy out... so the snow is being blown into piles. ... I'm ready for a a little Spring. But FALL is still my favorite season.

    Thans on the compliments about Star. She is part Tennesee Walker. She walks with such a pretty gait.

    ~ Susan