My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dream Cleaning or Spring Cleaning..:-)

Good Morning!!!

Hey! Guess what? The sun is out and they said on the weather that tomorrow it gets to 40!!! ( But later it goes go to the high 30's and rain... :-( ) Oh Well... I'm dreaming of our garden and our roses.

...Last night I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted to... And why did I not sleep as much as I wanted? I was thinking about CLEANING. Spring Cleaning actually. So what am I doing right now? I'm WRITING to you about Cleaning. I guess we have just had so much snow and being stuck in the house so much... that I have noticed what is dirty and needs cleaning. And that wold be half of the house. Mainly the Family Room where our Wood Burning Fireplace is. Picture of it below.

...But what you do NOT see in that picture, are the little pieces of wood that land on the carpet while carrying wood to the fireplace...:-( So I'm always vacumning that room...:-(

Then of course the kitchen always needs to be cleaned. I want it like this again...

...Right now a little bit of my counter space has a couple piles of papers on it & Sissy's medicine. ( Which I'm HAPPY to say she needs NO MORE!!! ) And I don't like it... Hence... Spring Cleaning!!! ( Before Spring even gets here. )

.... We need flowers in th house!!! Like this!!! Only these are from Kroger and not our gardens.

... Yesterday I was at Home Depot. I saw a big display of seeds & plants. I bought seeds for Arugula. Very Good. I have a list of stuff that will go in the garden and herbs for me to grow in pots here at home for me to use in my cooking. Am I the only one here that can't wait to start growing Mint, Parsley, Cilantro , Basil and DILL? That's all I had on the patio last year.

... I better quit JUST TALKING about cleaning and ACTUALLY do it. So I'll talk to you later!!!

~ Susan


  1. Oh I'm like you girlfriend! I can't wait to start planting and cleaning.

  2. I'm right with you. Stay online. Don't clean yet. Put it off a few more minutes. Go to the store and treat yourself to flower. Wander H.D. and look at seed pack and dream. Wow. What better a way to spend a Friday.

    Have a great weekend
    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

    Spring is on it way, right?


  3. H! Barbara!!!

    People around here are CATCHING the planting & cleaning bug. Some of the stores have big stands of nothing but seeds... other stuff for gardening. But there is still snow on the ground. It's melting fast though. :-)

    I took a different approch th my cleaning and started cleaning out JUNK DRAWERS first. I got rid of so much stuff!!!

    ~ Susan

    ~ Susan

  4. Good Afternoon Kate!!!

    That sounds good... I may take you up on that. BUt when I go to Home Depot, I ALWAYS get in trouble... And what I mean by trouble is, I find something I want Paul to do in the house. A new project!!! It's fun though. I had no idea that a hard ware / home improvement store could be so much FUN!!!

    Do you have a Burwinkel's near you? They are SO NICE! They carry plants, seeds, pots, wind chimes, anything for gardening. You wold enjoy it. The one here opens every Spring and closes in late Fall.

    And yes, Spring is on it's way... Hopefully it won't take too much of a detour...:-)

    ~ Susan

  5. You have received the Sunshine Award. Come by my blog and get it.

  6. I'll be sure and come by!!! Thank You!!!