My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shopping AFTER Christmas...:-)

Do you look for SPECIALS AFTER CHRISTMAS? You know, when stuff is marked WAYYY DOWNNN .... I do... Here is an e-mail I got from MSN...

If you can't afford to buy EVERYTHING right now for Christmas... Just wait for the After - Christmas Sales!!! I know I wait for the sales.

ALSO... Look for all of the FREE SHIPPING deals if you shop on - line.

It's not even Christmas YET... but I wanted to put this up on my blog to share now.

" 9 things to buy after Christmas "

Holiday cards and 2012 calendars -- after Jan. 1 -- are obvious choices. But there are some post-holidays bargains you may not expect.

But what are the less obvious bargains you can find if you wait until after Dec. 25 -- or, in some cases, Jan. 1 -- to head to the store?

Clothing. Hopefully everyone has realized that clothes are the most returned holiday gift, so grab your gift cards and head out. Regarding Dec. 26, Dealnews says (but don't expect just one day of deals):

Last year, exclusive in-store deals were largely available from apparel merchants, like American Eagle, Aeropostale, New York & Company, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic factory stores, Express, Old Navy and Gap, the latter of which offered a staggering extra 50% off sale items in store until noon. We expect to see such discounts in-store this year, too ….

Any item with a holiday theme. This covers a lot of terrain -- blankets, candles, dinnerware, bath sets, etc. "Many seasonal dishes and glasses aren't available only in red or green. You can find neutral and jewel tones, too," Sara Noel wrote at Often it's just the box that has a holiday touch, and the contents can be used all year. "If it's got a holiday-looking package, then expect it to be marked down significantly after Dec. 25," says The Bargainist.

Video games. Again, from Dealnews, which closely tracks this stuff:

We saw a high number of Editors' Choice discounts on popular video game titles after the holidays last year, with several notable games reaching their rock bottom prices of the year.
TVs and other electronics. Deal websites note that retailers have to make room for new product after the annual
Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 10-13), where new models are rolled out. However, don't expect TV prices to match the screaming deals of Black Friday, CNNMoney says. And this advice won't work for early adopters.

Jewelry. This makes sense, if you think about it. Says Mark Di Vincenzo at the CashCrate Blog:
Regardless of how Christmas sales went, January usually is a good time to buy jewelry. It's one of the six non-gift giving months -- the others are March, April, July, August and September -- when you're more likely to see real sales on jewelry, as opposed to the "sales" in anticipation of Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, high school and college graduations, June weddings, and Christmas.

Linens. January is the month for white sales. CNNMoney reminds us that Philadelphia department store pioneer John Wanamaker invented the white sale back in 1878 -- before sheets came in blue flannel decorated with snowboarding penquins and snowmen on sleds.

Fitness Products. Crystal at says sellers of workout equipment drop their prices in January in anticipation of all those who made a resolution to lose weight in the new year. Wait even longer, she says, and you can pick up even better deals on Craigslist or at yard sales. They'll be gently used, we suspect.

Baby Gear. Baby Cheapskate notes that several retailers had major sales on all kinds of items for infants in January last year. You can expect the same in 2012.

Winter Coats. Several websites that track clothing prices said you can expect significant discounts in January. Buy for kids with next year in mind.

If you know of other things... please add it onto the list! We would all like to know... Well, "I" know "I" would like to know!!!

~ Susan