My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Friday, August 6, 2010

Looky What I found...:-)


I looked in my Craft Room / Michael's Room... and found a container of EGYPTIAN COTTON YARN. I love it! when you work / crochet it, it has kind of a * NUBBY * feeling. But after you wash it, it's as soft as silk!!! And the colors in this yarn just POPS!!!

The picture below is of Sissy. She was suppose to hold still while I drape the scarf over her that I just finished. But she moved at the last minute...LOL So I took another picture of it on the floor.

I am also making a shawl with it... This shawl is for me....:-) I love it. *** And the colors are perfect! I also made fingerless gloves with this yarn, but they are in the washing machine getting nice soft and silky!!! ***

~ Susan


  1. I love the various hues in this yarn, very striking!

  2. Hi!

    Yes... Thank You... The blue turquoise is VERY BRIGHT. I just love it. Unfortunately they no longer sell it. It's a hand painted yarn I bought on e-Bay several years ago. I don't think they are on there anymore.


  3. Beautiful scarf. Could you tell me where to get the pattern? Thank you Patricia

  4. Susan - beautiful yarn and I'm waiting for the ta-dah. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Enjoy your creative gifts!

  5. Susan I love it. Gorgious shades...and love the pattern too.
    The scarf will be nice...I made a scarf i that pattern many yrs ago.
    It grows and gets bigger as you go.
    I love it good job.
    We have some humidty lately..usually dry, 103 today CooleR..LOL.
    Have a great day!
    Hugz, cross stitching today.

  6. Hi Reina!

    I'll be putting the pattern on fr the first scarf... The one that looks webbed or kind of a fishnet... I think that is the one Patricia wants.

    The last picture above is a HALF GRANNY SQUARE. You can find that anywhere on line.
    Once you start it, it just goes and goes...:-) It's kind of fun.

    You call that cooler? LOL All week is should be in the 90's for us.

    ~ Susan

  7. Here is the pattern for the first scarf.

    CHAIN 200... ( make sure it's an even number.)

    ROW 1. 1 SC in 8th chain from hook. * Ch. 5 in 4th chain * repeat from * to *

    ROW 2 * Chain 5 and turn. 1 SC in each HOLE.* Repeat to end.

    Just keep going til you have the size you want.

    ~ Susan

  8. Susan thankx, I have copied it..I like it what hook size did you use? and weight of yarn?
    I have done the granny one before many times.

    We just had a weird rain shower here...was 103, then got windy, then big drops, then came down like cats n dogs as they say/now nothing and it is 66, I have doors and windows open & slight breeze. How wonderful in August and Las Vegas. I loved it. Thunder too we had.
    I wonder what it will be like tomorrow (Monday).
    I am cross stitching.
    Hugz, ~reina~

  9. Hi reu=ina!

    I used a G Hook...

    Gotta love Rain and Thunder for soothing sounds to sleep by...:-)


  10. Wow, the colors are magnificent! I have heard of Egyptian cotton, but have never had the pleasure of working with it. It does have a nice sheen to it and it looks like it would have a nice drape for your shawl...very lovely indeed.

    Have a great week!
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  11. Hi Doris!

    A very nice sheen. I can't find anymore it at all. But I'll keep looking.

    I didn't have enough of that yarn to make a shawl... So I shortened it to be a head scarf.

    BUt I have more Egyptian cotton yarn... just in other colors.