My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Evening Everyone!!!

They are calling for thunderstorms here... But I don't see any as of yet... So I'm on the computer...:-)
I wanted to show you what I made last night. I'm not sure of the name of them. A cousin of ours just me the recipe when I tasted them at our family reunion.

I took pictures of the steps you take in making these.

This is where you put the mixture THINLY on the Flour Tortillas. ( 3 oz. of light cream cheese, some light Hellmann's mayonnaise and about 1/2 tsp. of Hidden valley Ranch Dressing DRY MIX... blend well.)

In the above picture, you add the Slaw Mix you get in the produce sectiion of your store. ( by the lettuce) And then I add fresh & rinsed Cilantro!!!

Then just roll it up like a burrito, then you slice them...:-)

Store in the fridge!!!

I put mine in an airtight pyrex container. They seem to taste better in you let them sit for about 3 0r 4 hours in the fridge before you eat any.

They are great for picnics..:-)

~ Susan

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