My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Nights Crocheting...

......Here is what I made last night. The U.C. Bearcats colors!!! By The Way... they won again!!! So did Ohio State Buckeyes!

I made these with Black & Red Cotton yarn. I need to make more of the striped. I like it best.

...And here I am waiting for Sissy to attack...LOL She gets anyone who is on the floor.

...She didn't attack ME... she decided to go to Paul instead. He had pretzels for her.... Little stinker, she always goes to whomever has the food.

~ Susan


  1. Hi Susan, I like the red and white stripe best too! good idea!
    Sissy is so cute and photographs so well~get her in the next pic..ok.

    We went to Chili's for dinner tonite~so yummy-baby back ribs, twice baked potatoes with green onion bacon n cheese on top. Yummy sinful dessert too! wow, got lucky too two for $20.00.
    Have a great Sunday, Hugz,

  2. Good Morning!

    Oh we LOVE Chilis. Our son took us there once and we just loved the food.

    I need to stop in at Joann;'s and get more black & red yarn by Sugar & Cream. Then make more of them. It's mostly SC in the BL. But I use a pattern for the base / bottom.

    I am craving SOUPS. I have a Taste Of Home cookbook I looked at last night. I got it from the library. So many soup recipes. :-)

    ~ Susan

  3. Hi Susan~I made a great rump roast tonite for dinner..Robin, Barry & I....also baked potatoes in oven, brocolli & cauliflower and sauteed mushrooms with garlic and olive oil....was yummy!

    Alot of tv tonight, taped some and watched alot. New show V~~Dancing w/Stars ...Good Wife now.
    Cooler today, sunny & nice though.

    I love soups too. Might make chicken soup.

    Have a great Wednesday!
    Hugz~Reina~ :)

  4. I use to The Good Wife also. Tonight we watched NCIS.

    Soup sounds GREAT!!! But we had chili...:-)

    RAINY & COOL here.

    ~ Susan