My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're back...:-)


We have been on vacation for 3 weeks... which means:

I have to Re Stock fridge, Do 3 weeks worth the laundry, Clean house, Learn to cook again after being waited on for 3 weeks..:-) Even though I did some of the cooking, I got to do it in a BEAUTFUL kitchen! ( My Aunt in Corona Del Mar, California.) I'll try and get some pictures on here for you.

And as for Sissy! My youngest sister took care of her. So she is fine. But I sure missed her.

*** Pictures ***

Paul looking over Pikes Peak...


Hoover Dam


Paul visting his favorite store!!! It might be vacation, but you still have to shop!..;-)


This sign was in a chocolate shop I went to...:-) I loved it!!!


Paul & I got a personal tour in Goodyear Arizona at the Cincinnati Reds training camp!!!


That's all the pictures for now. I have to upload the rest of them later. ( After I do the laundry.) Before that we need to eat. Guess I better remember how to cook in a kitchen that doesn't have a view of the OCEAN!!!


~ Susan


  1. Sounds like a fun time. Love Bass Pro Shops!

  2. Wow, three weeks is a substantial vacation - no wonder you'll have to re-acclimate to the normal life! Glad you had a good time and you made it back home safely! Bet your doggy's happy too ;-)

  3. Yes... we had a great time. BUt it was time to get back home.
    And yes, I missed Sissy... and I THINK she missed me. My sister took care of her for me. She has 2 cats. Both of those cats are bigger then Sissy. But they got along.
    On our back back home all we listened to was Fox News on Sirius Sat. radio. All about the Hurricane and glad we were NOT on East Coast.
    Marie Anne: We like bass Pro Shops. Paul always enjoys it there. He's a Deer Hunter.

    ~ Susan

  4. Susan they are great photo's...did you go to Las Vegas too? Hoover Dam is great. I love So. California. It is so fun we were there at the same time..too bad we could not see each other..I would have loved it.
    We like the Pro shops too here.
    Bet Sissy cuddling you lottss. Hi to Paul.