My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Got Some More Stuff Done...

I got some more stuff done around the house... but a lot more needs to be done.

Did you ever notice how CLEAN your hotel rooms are? The ones we stayed in are making me wonder if I need to do some Fall Cleaning.

I got a few more pictures up for you to see.


Here is Paul & I getting to our seats to watch the game at Petco Park ( San Diego)


An Eagles Nest we saw in Colorado while driving. The nest was FULL!!!


The Golden Nugget Casino!!! For some reason your not alowed to take pictures inside..;-)


Here is a better picture of Hoover Dam then the last one I put up yesterday.


Here is the Hotel Del Coronado... Beautiful!!! ( California )


I like this... It's a statuse near the USS Midway... Honoring W.W.II...


We went to Pikes Peak... He was fine... Me, not so much...:-( BUt it was beautiful view!

That's it for tonight.

~ Susan


  1. Hi Reina!

    We went to Las Vegas, Colorado Springs area, Hoover Dam, Goodyear, Arizona, Coranado, Santa Monica Pier, Ca. ,Corona Del Mar was where we stayed once we got to California. ( Aunt & Uncle live there.)

    Our son went to Catalina Island with Kristin. But we had already been there. It's beautiful there! But the price to get there went UP!!!

    Also visited Fasion Island..;-) Bought shoes and blouse.

    ~ Susan

  2. Great photos I just love San Diego...did you get to go to the Huge Cross on the hill memorizing WWII veterans? That is an ingredible site to see. Catalina is terrific, I love it too...Your trip sounded wonderful...ahhh Fshion Island yes a favorite too...Did you make it to Long beach to see the Queen Mary?

  3. Hi CraftLady!

    No we didn't get to the cross. We didn't get Long Beach either. And I agree, Fashion Island is great!