My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Dog & Fire Crackers...

... A little dog and Fire works or fire crackers DO NOT go togather!!! Today is the 4th day that we have had fire crackers going off around here!... And every time Sissy hears them, she thinks someone is at the door.

She is also very hesitant to go outside and go potty because people all around is have LOUD fire crackers.... hubby is in bed trying to sleep, so I have to keep her from barking at the noise...

Does this picture give you an idea of how I feel?

I hope everone is having a nice 4th/ of July!!!

~ Susan


  1. I don't understand why people have to make all that noise before and after the holiday - it should just be on that day and that's it! I don't care for inconsiderate people who are only out for their own enjoyment - to heck with the neighbors!
    Gizzy was fine because it was quiet where I live. I live in an old retirement community and there were no firecrackers and no fireworks. I watched the Macy's Fireworks live on the computer, so Gizzy was snoozing peacefully - as usual ;-)

  2. Hi Doris!

    It's fun to watch the kids in the neighborhood enjoy the fireworks... but then all the noise should be over with.

    Gizzy looked cute with that little scarf on...:-)