My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flip ???


Has anyone here ever heard of a little camcorder called " The Flip "? And if so, what do you think of it?

I'm in the mood for little electronic gadget shopping...LOL... Don't know if or what I will buy. At the moment I'm just day dreaming about stuff. Maybe window shopping is in order.

...Also... has anyone ever heard of PANDIGITAL. I'm looking at the Wand Scanner. Go to QVC and type in Pandigital Wand Scanner...

Let me know what you think...:-)

~ Susan


  1. I own a flip and I do like it HOWEVER you will most likely want to invest in the re-chargeable battery because it will eat double-As like no one's business. The basic one will only hold an hour of footage so make sure you are aware of that before you buy. It obviously is not the best camera if you are taking it on a trip and have no where to dump vids for holding (card or otherwise). The other downside is that you will have to buy an editing software. Microsoft Movie Maker does not support mp4 files. There are free file converters out there but then that kinda takes away from the point of getting a flip (high def, quick shot, quick load times, etc). I got pinnacle but you have to be wary there because now my old cam files aren't supported - have to buy a license for those (and I don't want too LOL).

    You lose a lot of the ability to zoom and auto-zoom too.

    LOL doesn't sound like a good review, does it LOL I shot most of my tutorial videos with the Flip and using Pinnacle as an editor (on my blog, videos that start with the cute little intro images are shot with the flip).

    I do like my flip, I just know it has its purpose and isn't the go to camera for everything.

  2. Hi Cris !

    Thnk You for the great reply! My Mom has a Flip and loves it. Wonderful pictures! I was thinking about that 8 GB with 2 Hr. recording on it. ( for vacation ) I have a Lap Top to put the pictures/ videoes on.

    I though the Flip came with it's own software for putting pics / vids on the computer / laptop? Did I tread it wrong?

    O.K. If I buy it, I'll make sure to get the extra battery!!! Thank You for that important tid bit of Info...:-) It's little things like that I love knowing from people who already have this.

    Again, THANK YOU for your remarks. They are VERY helpful.

    ~ Susan