My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi Everyone!

This evening sure is cool out. Paul even built a fire in the fireplace. It took care of the chill.

I fixed chili... that was good. I'll have to start preparing Spring / Summer recipes soon.

I got this in an e-mail and just had to share it.

> A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed > he had his collar on backwards.

The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards. The man, who was a priest, said, 'I am a Father.'

> The little boy replied, 'My Daddy doesn't wear his collar like that.' The priest looked up from his book and answered, ''I am the Father of > many.'

The boy said, ''My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he > doesn't wear his collar that way!'

The priest, getting impatient, said. 'I am the Father of hundreds', and > went back to reading his book.

The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and > said, "Maybe you should wear a condom, and put your pants on backwards > instead of your collar."

Nighty Night!!!

~ Susan

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