My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

My Kitchen, Quilting & My Hook And I

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sissy Isn't Well...


I may not get on here for a couple days. Sissy isn't well. She had blood tests & X -Rays today. I'll get the results of blood tests tomorrow. Wish us luck!!!

~ Susan


  1. Oh no! Sissy is in my prayers Susan! What was wrong? I just love her~she is so like my babies Lexi & Teddy Bear.........Hug her for me plz tpp. I know how you are feeling my friend.
    Write you more tomorrow.

    Stay warm too.
    I like the book thong!

  2. Hi Reina!

    THANK YOU for the prayers. I had Sissy at the Vet again today. I gir he reulys from yesterdays blood test and they wanted me to bring her in right away.

    Her CBC ( blood test ) was way too low. She is also Anemic... Her body is making too blood so her spleen is enlarged and may have the beginning of a tumor. She needs another test to find out next week...:-(

    She has had MANY hugs from me today. She has yours also. :-) Yes... we both have dogs that are more then pets. They are like a baby...:-)

    ~ Susan

  3. EDIT the above...

    That mess of letters means " I got her test results this morning."

    And thank you... I'm glad you like the Book Thong ...:-)

    Easy to make.

    Make a chain of 25... 3 DC is each chain. Then chain 50... PUT A MARKER at the end of 50... Then chain 25 more and do 3 DC is each chain til you come to the marker.

    Then curl it so it looks COILED. Now "I" drew yarn through the middle of the curl / coil so it didn't come out of the curl shape.

    ~ Susan

  4. Hi I sent you an email~~Sissy in my prayers hope meds with help.
    Thankx for the book thong pattern, I will make some...hugz, talk to you thursday(tomorrow).

    Lexi asleep right now-I wrote you about her paw.
    ~Reina~ hi to Paul & Michael too